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Can you score a 100 on our 5-Out Pop Quiz?

It’ll be a cardinal mistake to step into another basketball game without testing your I.Q. Why?

Think about it. It’s a heated, pumped up game, and you are looking for a shot while surrounded by 5 opponents. At that moment, it’s your instinctive decisions that’ll determine if your team scores.

Got Game Quiz It simple basketball pop quizzes will help you understand the game of instincts and make better decisions in pressure situations.

What is Got Game Quiz It

Why Should You Care
About Your Basketball IQ?

There are good basketball players… and then there are legends. The above five names are the most revered in the history of basketball – Ever wondered what makes them THIS SPECIAL?

Was it because they were the fittest? Not really; there were thousands of players that matched their fitness levels.

The difference and (their greatest asset) was their instinct.

Basketball is a game of instincts – The ones who nail it become legends. How strong are your instincts? Test your basketball IQ. with our simple Pop Quizzes to know where you stand and how you can improve. Remember, you cannot improve what you cannot measure.
Measure your basketball instincts below!

Know the game better than your opponent

It’s the only way to outplay the other team.

Got Game Quiz It Pop Quizzes will help you get this competitive advantage Quick, Fast, and Easy!

Pop Quizzes

Develop an elite basketball player’s mindset with pop quizzes that will help you know the game better than most other players.


These pop quizzes drive down the culture of accountability on a player’s offensive & defensive plays, player roles & responsibilities.

Radical Responsibility

Our quizzes will help young players develop radical responsibility towards mastering the game.

Improved Basketball IQ.

You can’t improve what you can’t measure. Our pop quizzes help you understand where you stand in the game and how you can improve your shortcoming.

Reinforced Learning Made Easy

Players make rookie mistakes when they don’t take time to study the game. After all, studying is for classrooms and not the court, right? Wrong! Basketball is a game that needs to be studied to strategize - Our quizzes help reinforce this in a fun way.

Challenging Questions = Critical Thinking

A very small percentage of players have what we call “The Elite Instinct” while playing the game. Our Pop Quizzes will help you develop a highlighted sense of the basketball player’s instinct.

Our Story

Ten Years Ago Coach Tony set out to create an elite player development environment at Bridge Basketball Academy backed by innovative technology and state of the art equipment. After years of research and hands-on experience developing young basketball players, he soon realized the missing piece in basketball player development was a deep fundamental understanding of the game. This led him to create basketball IQ. pop quizzes for his Bridge trainees that yielded AMAZING results quickly..

When people asked what’s your secret behind developing young basketball players IQ?

“It’s not what you know, it’s how well you can teach it,” 

says Coach Tony, who has spent the last 10 years adding value to young players game at Bridge Basketball Academy – An academy that has been endorsed by NBA & WNBA players and coaches as well as coaches at the high school and collegiate level across the globe.

“Having a low basketball IQ. kills more hoop dreams, than failure ever will”


Pop Quizzes that challenge players to think. Today, Tomorrow, and in the long term.

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That’s less than $2 dollars a pop quiz and cheaper than an Individual training session were you can only learn so much. Increase your basketball I.Q. daily or at your own price using the Pop Quizzes.

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Are you willing to improve your Basketball IQ. and know the game better than your opponents? If the answer’s yes, Got Game Quiz is your slam.

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