The Basketball IQ 101 Bundle


The Ultimate Pop Quizzes to Produce Smarter Basketball Players

The summer basketball season is on the horizon – Do you really want to step into another game with such lingering queries?

Become an extension of your coach on the court. Change the game with your basketball IQ. Think the game like a pro.

14 reviews for The Basketball IQ 101 Bundle

  1. Ronald Hampton

    These pop quizzes really are a game changer.I bought them for my son to help him understand the game better and they have definitely open my eyes that he needs to improve his basketball IQ.

    • Got Game Quiz It

      Thank you.

  2. David Hodges

    As a AAU coach these quizzes are much needed for young basketball players. Looking forward to testing my players IQ.

    • Got Game Quiz It

      Thank you Coach. Can’t wait to hear how your players test out.

  3. Kevin Jefferson

    I wish I had these pop quizzes when I started coaching middle school & AAU basketball 6 years ago, would have saved many many long nights of reading and learning. The pop quizzes are amazing!

    • Got Game Quiz It

      Thanks we’re glad you like our pop quizzes. If you would please send us some of your players test scores, we would love to see them.

  4. Richard Anderson

    I will be honest- I am very leery when it comes to buying online basketball materials, but these pop quizzes are clear, concise and easy to follow at an extremely fair price. I like them because they give my players an easy way to study and learn the game.

    • Got Game Quiz It

      Thanks for purchasing our bundle.

  5. Chris Martin

    Very happy to have this product. I bought this for my sons 13 and 15 years old) to keep them engaged during the offseason. I like that it’s so many different pop quizzes for them to take almost every day, so when I am unavailable they can continue the work on their game. Thank you!

    • Got Game Quiz It

      Thank you for your purchase and we hope your boys enjoy the pop quizzes.

  6. Andrea Finn

    Thanks for creating these pop quizzes my daughter has already taken seven of them. While contemplating this purchase, I read the reviews and was pleased to see that you actually read and RESPOND to CUSTOMERS’ reviews. I have been disappointed in the past with the lack of effort on a seller. Thank you.

    • Got Game Quiz It

      Wow! Thanks! I read every piece of feedback I get! It means a lot to me that someone would take the time to rate our Basketball IQ 101 bundle. I appreciate you noticing. 🙂 Thank you

  7. Scott Miller

    These are great. They really help my AAU players develop strong IQs for the game in all situattions.

    • Got Game Quiz It

      Thanks Coach for buying our bundle, please let us know how your players score using the pop quizzes.

  8. Scott Miller

    These are great in developing players IQ.

  9. Kyle Sumberlin

    My players needed a more direct and easy way to learn the fundamentals. This resource was recommended to me by another coach and I absolutely LOVE it! Between the different pop quizzes that are broken down in multiple choice and fill in the blanks questions, makes them coach friendly and very easily too grade. Thank you so much!

    • Got Game Quiz It

      Thank you Coach for your wonderful feedback! I am happy you like the pop quizzes! I appreciate your business!

  10. Coach Mike

    SO WORTH IT! Theses pop quizzes are SO PERFECT for my AAU basketball teams! I have gone through them all and already put them to use! I can’t rave about this product enough! Thank you!

    • Got Game Quiz It

      Thank you so much for such for the feedback Coach!! I am so glad to hear that you and your players are enjoying the quizzes as much as my trainees here at Bridge.:)

  11. Coach Kori Miller

    This makes teaching basketball so easy. I love how these quizzes focus on all areas of basketball. They were easy to download and print for my players I train.
    Thanks Coach Tony!

    • Got Game Quiz It

      Thank you Coach Kori for your wonderful feedback! I am happy you like the pop quizzes! I appreciate your business!

  12. Robert Dudley

    This is by far the best and engaging basketball curriculum that I have used with my high school teams. They do a great job keeping the players engaged and using active thinking!

    • Got Game Quiz It

      Thank you for your feedback, Coach! I’m glad the pop quizzes has been so helpful.

  13. Danny Appleberry

    I bought these pop quizzes for my daughter to test her IQ. After taking a few of the quizzes, I see It’s a lot she needs to improve on as far as her IQ..The pop quizzes are definitely something needed and they have kept her engaged.

    • Got Game Quiz It

      Thank you for your feedback Danny, and we appreciate you purchasing the bundle for your daughter. Good luck to her!

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