Are You Making These 3 Critical Mistakes While Working on Your Game In The Gym?

Sure, you love to play basketball as much as you can, but are you actually working on your game in the ways that can improve it the very most? More than likely you’re not. Most players think that playing as much basketball as they can with friends is enough to improve their game, but it’s not.

The secret to basketball success is avoiding these 3 critical mistakes while you’re working on your game in the gym…

Mistake #1: Not Tracking Your Progress

The problem most young basketball players like yourself make is not tracking your progress in the game of basketball. This means really focusing in on your weaknesses on the court and tracking your progress as you try and improve on these areas. By keeping track of your progress, it’ll naturally make you work harder, and in the end…become a much better player.

Mistake #2: Not Setting The Right Goals

Another common mistake young players make is not setting goals for themselves, or not setting the right goals. It’s easy to get lazy and simply play the game of basketball, or do court drills, etc. But if you don’t have a goal you’re aiming for, you’re aiming for nothing. By having goals, you’ll have something to not only work towards, but it’ll vastly improve your own basketball skills along the way.

Mistake #3: Not Remaining Accountable

And the final mistake is not holding yourself accountable. If you keep track of your progress, set the right goals, and then hold yourself accountable on and off the court to improve your own game the best you can, then you’ll rise above your competition, and become the best basketball player you can be. Remaining accountable keeps you in check and makes sure you stay on the straight and narrow path to the success you truly desire on the court.

If you’d like to avoid ALL of these critical mistakes, track your progress, set the right goals, hold yourself accountable plus SO much more, then be sure to check out our very popular player development journal.



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