How To Keep Your Player Development On The Right Track During Each Week

Here’s a very important way you need to start viewing the way you see and play the great game of basketball…

Basketball success is much more than just playing your best, it’s also about a number of other critical factors that play into it including…

  • Holding yourself accountable despite your own shortcomings
  • Getting up early to practice even when you want to sleep in
  • Eating the right types of foods to fuel your performance
  • Writing in a development journal to keep track of your game
  • Setting the right schedule and goals to stay on the path to success
  • Being sure to become a student of the game ON and OFF the court
  • Getting proper rest, never giving up on yourself, always expecting the best
  • Focusing on improving your weaknesses and capitalizing on your strengths
  • Always willing to be a team player, to stay humble, yet be fearless on the court

Every single one of these things just mentioned above fall under the category of proper basketball player development. As you can see, there are multiple aspects that must be addressed if you want to become your very best on the basketball court.


Did you know that Kevin Durant became a practice fanatic when he was a youth player? He would work out for 8 hours a day during the summer, simply because he loved the game so much and wanted to become the best he could be. Now look at the player he’s become.
The best way for you to fully keep track of your own player development, routines, practices and more is through the use of our exclusive player development journal. To further improve your game, you can also us the Drills Pad, The Play Book and our Game Film guide

All of these guides will give you the “upper hand” on your competition, bring about the best in your game, and pave the way for ultimate basketball success in a shorter amount of time.



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